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USAC: APPIAN workflows Integration with financial platforms

The Customer:

USAC is a federally funded non-profit organization responsible for the disbursement of over 14 billion dollars of funding to educational institutions of all undeveloped, underdeveloped, rural and other areas in the US and its territories.

The Challenges:

Current business processes were lacking appropriate checks and balances for end-to-end funding requests and disbursement.


Using Appian, Hummingbirds Innovations enabled application architecture, application development, and integration to quickly develop repeatable solutions for end-to-end funding requests and disbursement. The Appian low code automation platform enables USAC to deliver consistent, repeatable, outcome-based applications leveraging the large amount of intellectual property generated during end-to-end funding requests and disbursement engagements. We provided the following solutions to the Client USAC;

  • Implemented APPIAN workflows while integrating with financial platforms.
  • Translated manual business processes to automation.
  • Provided automation testing management and support of a suite of over 1200
    regression test cases.

Appian’s low code automation platform unites industry-leading workflow, artificial intelligence, and robotic process automation for today’s workers. Appian’s low-code platform

allows the company to accelerate its development, keep its data in one place, and unify its information.

Tools: APPIAN, JAVA Spring, KDB, Selenium, UFT.